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Kennedy, Rick, Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy: Gennett Studios and the Birth of Recorded Jazz,Indiana University Press, 1994. This double-disc, 49-track set collects all of his essential tracks in one package. Blind Lemon Jefferson is the featured musician on a State of Texas license plate. This LP was donated to our radio station by someone. The condition of the jacket is. Set in New York City in 1948, Blind Lemon Blues combines elements of traditional blues, gospel, rhythm and blues, soul, doo-wop, and rap to evoke the enduring legacy of Blind Lemon and his contemporaries, Blind Willie Johnson, Lillian Glinn. “Cheater’s Spell,”Paramount, 1929. See full list on encyclopedia.

Blind Lemon Jefferson. Country blues guitarist and vocalist Blind Lemon Jefferson is indisputably one of the main figures in country blues. ” Over BLIND LEMON JEFFERS a half century after his death, Jefferson’s music still haunts list. In Meeting the Blues Walker stated, “I used to lead Blind Lemon Jefferson around playing and passing the cup, take him from one beer joint to another. Apart from his stunning and inventive guitar work, Jefferson authored many songs that found their way into the repertoires of musicians from John Lee Hooker to Bob Dylan. As Paul Oliver stated in The New Grove, Jefferson’s “Lone Lonesome Blues” brought the “authentic sound of rural blues to thousands of black homes. Blind Lemon Jefferson, byname of Lemon Jefferson, (born September 1893, Couchman, Texas, U.

in the music business who claims he never played the album. Blind Lemon Blues pays homage to the influence of Blind Lemon Jefferson, who emerged in the 1920s as the biggest selling country blues singer in America. “Southern Woman Blues,”Paramount, 1929. Jefferson later traveled through towns along the H & TC Railroad—Groesbeck, Martin, and Kosse—and around 1912 performed in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas. ’ In, the name of the cemetery where he was buried was changed to Blind Lemon Memorial Cemetery. · Blind Lemon Jefferson (Lemon Henry Jefferson, Coutchman, Texas, Octo? “Prison Cell Blues,”Paramount, 1928. The records appear unplayed.

In October 1967 the Texas State Historical Society placed a plaque marking the resting place of one of America’s mos. See full list on sunsigns. Blind Lemon Jefferson, Soundtrack: Lore. A few years after Lipscomb’s encounter with Jefferson, Aaron “T-Bone” Walker also accompanied the blind guitarist around Deep Ellum. Black Snake MoanBlind Lemon JeffersonParamount RecordsBlack Snake Moan is one of Jeffersons biggest songs, The movie "Black Snake Moan" is based and named af.

i see no spindle marks, scratches or marks. I liked hearing him play. While in Dallas in 1912, Jefferson joined up with BLIND LEMON JEFFERS an older musician, Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter. In the 1920s, when most other major labels sent field units to the South to record blues artists, Jefferson attended out-of-town sessions in the cities of Chicago, Atlanta, and Richmond Indiana. Blind from birth, he. Used to play all up and around Dallas-Fort Worth. Leadbelly&39;s “Blind Lemon Blues” was in honor of his friend. Blues Masters Vol.

Songs he released under his name include ‘Booster Blues’ and ‘Dry Southern Blues’which went on to become hits. Blind Lemon Jeffersonbegan playing the guitar as a teenager. Blind Lemon Jefferson Septem by Amanda Smith Recently, I discovered that September is the birth month of Blind Lemon Jefferson, a tried and true guitar player and singer who is celebrated in the American folk-blues world. He had no formal music education and instead traveled from place to place in Freestone and Limestone counties, playing his guitar and singing songs, most of which were his own compositions. In them times, we’d get on the Interurban line that runs from Waco to Dallas, Corsicana, Waxahacie, from Dallas. More BLIND LEMON Jefferson videos. Sources differ as to the exact birthdate. Blues legend Blind Lemon Jefferson has been called the most influential bluesman in the history of blues singers.

Tracks A6 to B3 recorded 1927. Blind Lemon Jefferson was best known for his singing and song writing as a blues guitarist. ” “Afterwards,” as Walker related to Helen Dance in Stormy Monday, “I’d guide him back up the hill, and Mama would fix supper. Lemon Henry " Blind Lemon " Jefferson (Septem – Decem) was an American blues and gospel singer-songwriter and musician. He later released the songs ‘Long Lonesome Blues’ and ‘Got the Blues’which sold in large numbers. He was of the highest in many regards, being one of the founders of Texas blues (along with Texas Alexander), one of the most influential country bluesmen of all time, one of the most popular bluesmen of the 1920s, and the first truly commercially successful male blues performer.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame listed one song by Blind Lemon Jefferson of the 500 songs that shaped rock and roll: 1927 Matchbox Blues. The Story of the Blues,Columbia, 1969. Boom Boom (From &39;Blues Brothers&39;) 3. BLIND LEMON JEFFERS He also played on street corners. 3: Texas Blues,Rhino. ” Jefferson’s “Matchbox Blues” was recorded twice by Paramount in 1927, and several decades later found its way into the r.

Blind Lemon Jefferson, “The Father of Texas Blues,” was the best-selling malevblues artist of the 1920&39;s, recording 92 sides for Paramount Records and one released 78 for Okeh Records: “Black Snake Moan / Matchbox Blues”. People used to crowd around so you couldn’t see him. Years later, Leadbelly recalled, in The Life and Legend of Leadbelly, his experiences performing with Jefferson: “Him and me was buddies.

King of the Country Blues,Yazoo. For decades, while Jefferson’s unmarked and weed-ridden gravesite existed in small country cemetery, enthusiasts around the world formed societies and publications in his honor. He would sing like nobody’s business.

—John Cohassey. Matchbox Blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson This song was recorded many times, and has many verses, with many variations on the words in the verses, so depending on which recording you have, the verses will vary. Browse 56 lyrics and 470 Blind Lemon Jefferson albums. Jefferson was notable among blues musicians of his time for recording both spiritual and secular music, and he recorded both blues and ragtime songs. Charters, Samuel B. Explore releases from Blind Lemon Jefferson at Discogs. In 1910, he traveled to perform a lot in Dallas where he met blues musician Lead Belly with whom he started performing. In February 1926 Paramount released the 78 featuring “Got the Blues” and “Long Lonesome,” rumored to have sold over one hundred thousand copies.

Blind Lemon Jefferson "Blind" Lemon Jefferson (Lemon Henry Jefferson; Septem – Decem) was an American blues singer and guitarist from Texas. “Tin Cup Blues,”Paramount, 1929. My Black Mama Part 1 2. ” In December 1929, Jefferson died of a heart attack and exposure on a Chicago street, reportedly after his chauffeur abandoned him and his automobile during a snow storm.

This is a comprehensive discography of Blind Lemon Jefferson, who was an East Texas –born and Chicago -based Texas blues musician. Jefferson produced an original, driving, unpredictably advanced guitar style and a distinctive booming high-pitched, two-octave voice that no one could imitate. My Black Mama Part 2 3. Blind Lemon was born in the Freestone County settlement of Coutchman, the blind son of Alec and Cassie Jefferson. “Broke and Hungry Blues,”Paramount, 1926.

Henry was brought up alongside seven siblings. · Blind Lemon Jefferson, byname of Lemon Jefferson, (born September 1893, Couchman, Texas, U. Dance, Helen Oakley, Stormy Monday: The T-Bone Walker Story,Da Capo, 1987. Henry later signed a contract withParamount Records who made and recorded his songs with the excellent quality than earlier. The Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers,Sony, 1993. , The Country Blues,Da Capo, 1975. Blind Lemon Jefferson also appears in this compilation.

In 1925, he traveled to Chicago, Illinois where he recorded his first ever track. 1969 first pressing with silver lettering and blue label. With a tin cup wired to the neck of his guitar, he played for tips on the streets, often performing slide guitar numbers, a technique which utilized a small metal or glass cylinder on a finger of the chord hand to produce voice-like chords and melodies. Jefferson is considered a musical idol by musicians such as B. blind lemon jefferson For more than twenty years, the big, chunky blind fellow with the ‘owlish’ features, broad-brimmed hat and tapping stick, playing his guitar with a tin cup around his neck, was a familiar sight BLIND LEMON JEFFERS on the streets of Dallas.

Blind Lemon Jefferson passed away onDecem, of acute myocarditis in Chicago. . He was one of the most popular blues singers of the 1920s and has been called the "Father of the Texas Blues". . ” Jefferson’s intricate and erratic guitar work followed broken-time patterns with standard four-four measures and tempo altered to fit spontaneous vocal lines or guitar. Oliver, Paul, Max Harrison, William Bolcom, The New Grove Gospel, Blues and Jazz with Spirituals and Ragtime,W. Blind Lemon Jefferson - Rabbit Foot Blues Lyrics.

“That Crawling Baby Blues,”Paramount, 1929. At that time, “he’d gotten so fat,” JEFFERS wrote SamuelCharters in The Country Blues, “that when he played, the guitar sat up on his stomach, the top just under his chin. For further information on Blind Lemon Jefferson see Blind Lemon Jefferson: His Life, His Death, and His Legacy (although available copies seem to be quite expensive). · Blind Lemon Jefferson.

He made seventy-nine records for Paramount in the 1920s, each estimated to have sold 100,000 copies; he also made two recordings under the “Okeh” label. December 1929, Chicago, Illinois), American country blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter, one of the earliest folk -blues singers to achieve popular success. While his recording career was prolific but short--almost 100 titles fromhe became arguably the most popular. Early, on he became an itinerant singer of the blues throughout the South, eventually making his way to Chicago, Illinois. See full list on allmusic.

“Mosquito Moan,”Paramount, 1929. December 1929, Chicago, Illinois), American country blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter, one of the earliest black folk-blues singers to achieve popular success. Synopsis Blind Lemon Jefferson was born on Septem, in Coutchman, Texas, to sharecroppers. He performed in parties and picnics where he was welcomed to do so. King has always maintained that Jefferson was a huge influence on his singing and guitar playing. Some of the songs he recorded were gospel songs such as ‘I Want to Be Like Jesus in My Heart’ and ‘All I Want is That Pure Religion.

“That Black Snake Moan,”Paramount, 1926. In 1997, a granite headstone was erected on his grave with the inscription‘Lord; it’s one kind favor I’ll ask of you, see that my grave is kept clean.


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